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Enter the world of WRLDBEAT …

Wrldbeat is reggae, funk, latin, hip-hop & rock mixed and spiced in the melting pot of a multi-national musical collaboration.
The eight-piece band combines homegrown Dutch talent with musicians who trace their roots back to Suriname, Belgium and the UK.
Wrldbeat has a long and colourful history… Nico and Carl started playing together in the Dutch 80's "one hit wonder" What Fun! and experienced a short burst of fame when the single The Right Side Won shot to the top of the charts.
When What Fun! reformed in the 2000s they met Jort, whose versatile bass playing meshed perfectly with Carl's latin-influenced beats.

They found Alan, a survivor of the Manchester scene willing to do some unsuspected keyboards and more or less stumbled over Stefanie and Larissa, whose voices blended in such a natural way that they seemed to be predestined to sing together.
Funk-veteran Mick on tenor became the loudest member of the crew and the Wrldbeat sound was completed by the unpredictable lyrical rap captain Mr. Jahson…

… WRLDBEAT is ready for the world.

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